Ford Focus Commercial

10460208_10156127568725043_8090380086456983885_nEarlier this week I was invited to fill the role of Musical Director for the 2015 Ford Focus commercial. This was a monster job which involved getting 38 drummers to play in unison to Sarah Blasko’s “I Awake” in a very large warehouse. Now, we all know that getting 38 drummers to play together is a tough job at the best of times, let alone for 16hrs in a huge warehouse over a distance of up to 40 meters!

We faced a huge number of issues in terms of unifying approach to playing, sound, and listening across the space – luckily my recent experiences in the Blue Devils International Tour stood me in very good stead to be able to pull this one off! The result was a very happy director, a very happy cast and a very happy production crew.

I won’t sugar-coat it… this was a very challenging and at times overwhelming experience being in charge of so many musicians for such an important, high budget production, but I really did love every minute of it. Any hey, the results were pretty good! Check it out below.