No. 1 – Jan’23

Harry Potocnik / D²Drumline


No. 2 – Feb ’23

Private Client

Simon's 50th

No. 3 – Dec ’22

Benjamin Graham

With Time

No. 3 – Aug ’20


D²Drumline promo

No. 4 – Jan ’18

Ralph Nader / BYOS

American dream


Harry Potocnik + D²Drumline 

An incredibly fun project to premiere a new composition by Harry Potocnik, Ralph Nader and Nikki Katiforis.

Both the filming and edit are designed to compliment the incredible musicianship displayed by setting a moody scene that builds in excitement and intensity with the performance.

Finding ways to make the video production feel like part of the performance itself was a wonderfully rewarding challenge.

SIMON's 50th

Private Client

The brief for this one was simple: 

Capture the moment a 6 piece Marching Band surprises guests at Simons 50th before walking them to their next venue. 

Oh, and make sure the video is as fun as the actual surprise…!

What a vibe!!

With Time

Benjamin Graham, Erin Taube, Anna Tolotchkov

With Time features a completely improvised music, dance, and videography performance. 

In a first for me, Ben wanted the videography to be completely on the fly and unplanned. My job was to listen, watch, and react with a focus on my reactions with the camera feeling like an organic element of the performance as a whole. 

This was a different challenge and a super cool experience that led to a unique and exciting video. 

Videography | Campbell Phillips

Video Edit | Benjamin Graham