I am very excited to announce that I have been featured in the latest edition of Drumscene Magazine (October 2015) alongside amazing names including Nigel Olsson¬†(Elton John), Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper), Dan Kirby (28 Days) and, of course, the cover artist, Mick Fleetwood. It is truly humbling to be recognised in this way and I […]

The Netherlands

Well, it has been a rather crazy start to the tour! After 3 days of rehearsal in Concord (12 hrs a day) and another 3 days in Leewarden, Netherlands (also 12hrs a day), we put on a number of performances around the city to help promote the Proud Event at which we were featured performers. […]

BDI – T-Minus 24hrs

Well, it’s 1:30am local time / 4:30am in the timezone I’ve just come from. Been a huge day of travelling and I still have 5hrs to wait before my flight to San Fran, but… I couldn’t care less! In a little under 24hrs I’ll be joining up with the rest of the guys and gals […]

Blue Devils International… Apparently it’s happening….

Well, it’s actually happening. It’s all kinds of crazy and stupid, but it’s sure going to be fun! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Campbell Phillips – a young drummer from Melbourne Australia – and I am about to head off on tour with the Blue Devils International Corps. I could be […]