Victorian State School Spectacular

For a number of years, I had aspired to contribute to the incredible show that is the Victorian State School Spectacular. Having witnessed the exceptional musicianship of former students who had participated, I knew it would be an incredibly fulfilling experience. This year, I finally got to tick this goal of the bucket list!

My collaboration began when Chong Lim AM, a distinguished musical luminary, engaged me to compose drumline parts for an arrangement of “My Own Drum” from the film Vivio. Working closely with Chong, I put together some super fun parts designed to infuse the performance with a dynamic energy. The creative process was hugely rewarding as I worked with Chong to ensure the seamless integration of the Drumline with the overall arrangement.

The next step was to head to Chong’s studio to record these new parts to form the bed of the track for the full orchestra and dancers to perform with as part of the final product.

A small team of talented students, embarked on the task of learning these parts and getting their heads around the various challenges of the Drumline style. This was no small feat for students who previously had no experience in the world of drumline! Together, we painstakingly refined their performance and choreographed a series of visuals to add to the overall affect of the performance.

The final performances at Melbourne Arena were an absolute blast. The entire show was so well produced and every aspect of State School Spectacular was executed at the highest possible level.

I was such a privilege to bring Drumline to the Victorian State School Spectacular for the first time. I can’t wait to do it again!