Australian Open Mens Final

Since the beginning of January, the one and only Ralph Nader has been an artist in residence with D². We’ve done some super fun stuff together in that time, but one of the most was was definitely performing alongside Aussie Rock icon Sarah Macleod for the Australian Open Men’s Final.

My good friend Dayne Lawless got in touch to ask us to join him and Sarah as the pre-game entertainment on centre court before the final between Roger Federer and Marin Čilić.

No staging, fold-back, drums or other gear could be used on court so Ralph, myself, and Jordan Kiely put together some super fun drumline parts to support Dayne’s portable drum set rig and add a bit of visual flair. It’s always super fun to have a challenge like this that makes you think and approach a performance a little differently.

Now it’s time to head off to the Gold Coast and then New Zealand for the rest of this tour.

See ya on the other side!